BizRep – medical CRM app
for medical and pharma representatives

Collect valuable customers information out in the medical or pharmaceutical field

Step by step operation flow

with a click

Planning VISITS

Is easy: just select
 a date​
a medical unit from the locations CRM​
a doctor to visit
 an objective

    Customized DATA FIELDS

    Choose the type of data your TEAM
    collects during the visits

    ACTIVITY History and Timekeeping

    Record any visit observation and important
    meetings during the day


    and organize round tables with
    healthcare professionals


    CONNECTED WEB APP for easy planning from the manager laptop​


    Customizable data fields to collect all the data
    you need from the team visits

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    WHY BizRep

    BizRep is a professional software solution for your medical representatives team. BizRep is build as a medical CRM, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use, built on two elements: a mobile APP for medical REPs and a web-based interface for managers, with a customized operation flow.

    BizRep is a sales force management solution for the healthcare sector, ideal for pharmaceutical and dietary supplements producers, pharma and medical equipment distributors. In less than 24 hours, you can have a stand-alone solution or an efficient tool integrated with your ERP/CRM system, ready to exceed expectations.


    Easy to implement

    Ready to setup and get started in 24 hours, including training sessions

    ERP Integrable

    Work as a stand-alone application or can be easily integrated with your ERP/CRM system and with instant synchronization of data

    Easy to customize

    Add/remove data fields in operation flow, according to each project and using a friendly UX interface


    Get a performant and specialized medical CRM APP at a very competitive price, with flexible service packages

    Language adaptable

    The default interface is in English with the possibility adapt it in the local language

    Secured data

    We use highest data security standards and, on demand, the data can be stored on the client’s servers

    Fast support

    Remote online support with dedicated technician


    The web-based manager interface of BizRep allows managers to coordinate and evaluate the REPs team activity and performance. Also, the managers can extract specific data from REP’s visits, through medical questionnaires and organize roundtables with health professionals.

    Plan team activity

    Create a work plan in the management dashboard to assign tasks and targets to your REPs team, with the possibility to set bonus and other motivation systems.


    BizRep can generate many relevant reports about team productivity and sales, per project or per each team member. All the data can be exported in the company ERP.

    Medical surveys

    For every specific project, the manager can customize medical questionnaires that helps REPs to gather various and important data.

    Round tables

    Besides timekeeping and activity reports about REPs, the manager interface helps you to set round tables with healthcare professionals.


    BizRep works as a medical CRM: you can import or add lists of doctors, chemists, medical units, agents, products etc. and organize the contacts according to your projects.


    The BizRep mobile APP has a friendly and intuitive UX, to help pharma REPs or medical REPs in their day-to-day activity. Using the right tools, the REPs can keep track of all the visits and meetings done, self-evaluate their performance and be more efficient, individually and as a team.

    Visits planning

    In you want your pharmaceutical REP team to adopt a new productivity solution, it needs to be simple: selecting a date, a medical unit and a doctor from a list, the REP can set a visit or more in the BizRep APP.

    The client's file

    The APP works like a medical CRM, so every medical unit or doctor has a detailed data sheet in the APP, with customized fields.

    Activity history

    For each visit, the REP can set objectives, write observations, and collect important data. All the activity is registered in a timekeeping table. Furthermore, the app allows the entry of personalized activities like company meetings or personal time-off slots for the REPs.

    About us

    Developed by Setrio, a modern B2B software company with more than 18 years of experience with healthcare and logistic professionals, BizRep is an easy-to-use productivity tool for any medical REPresentatives team. Usually, a solution personalized on the specificity of medical operations is hard to find and expensive to implement as a shift from a known ERP/CRM. Fully integrable and working as an annexed module with known enterprise solutions, BizRep is the most convenient way to give your medical REPs a tool built around their needs and their workflow.

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